BlueFit Swimming

Are you after a fun activity for your children to get involved in, or a way to boost your own fitness and confidence in the water? BlueFit swim school is now open at Sandringham, offering lessons to people of all ages and abilities.

The BlueFit Learn to Swim program at Sandringham is specifically designed for children, with experienced and friendly swimming instructors guiding your child through their journey. 

1.Casual Swim Pricing

Casual Swim - $6.00 - Adult entry

Multi Pass (11 Visits) - $60.00 - Adult entry

Multi Pass (25 Visits) - $135.00 - Adult entry


Mon9am 12.30pm 3.30pm-7pm
Tues9am 12.30pm 3.30pm-7pm
Wed9am 12.30pm 3.30pm-7pm
Thurs9am 12.30pm 3.30pm-7pm
Fri9am 12.30pm 3.30pm-7pm
Sat8am - 4pm


3.Our Programs

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that cater for the hesitant beginner through to competitive swimmers.
BlueFit Swimming aims to ensure that your family develops a love of the water and Live to Swim.

More info about our programs 

4.New Management - About

As you may now be aware, SwimRight is changing to BlueFit Swimming. All enrolments in SwimRight's existing Term 3 swimming program have been transferred across to BlueFit and students have retained their bookings. Below is some information about this transition and your lesson.

While BlueFit has already assumed management of the facility , you may not notice any immediate changes. We have retained the majority of the team, so you will be greeted by familiar friendly faces at the Centre.

Your child's class and teacher will remain the same however your child's level name and lesson structure will change to align with the BlueFit Swimming program.

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that progressively build swimming skills and water confidence. Our focus is on ensuring our students enjoy learning to swim and that they are in the correct level to have the opportunity to be challenged, learn new skills as well as practice and further develop pre-existing skills. Each level within the program has 8-10 skills that the students are working towards. When all skills are achieved within a level the student is then ready to move up.

You may notice some skills being practised within the BlueFit Swimming levels that are different to the SwimRight program. During Week 1 and 2, our Pool Deck Coordinators will observe all lessons to ensure all students are enrolled in their appropriate level. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to chat to our friendly Pool Deck Coordinators.

We will also progressively introduce some new features. Parents will gain access to a new online parent portal which will allow you to manage enrolments online, book make up lessons and more. This will be rolled out for the beginning of Term 4.

Most importantly there is nothing you need to do for this transition. You will begin to see the team in different uniforms, signage will change and the level names will change, however, it is business as usual. For more information about our class policies visit click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Term 3 pricing will remain the same.

All credits owed due to lockdown have been transferred across to BlueFit.

You will remain in exactly the same classes however the level names will change. Click here to view the level conversion between BlueFit Swimming and your current program.

The parent portal allows you to view your child’s progress, book make-up classes, pay outstanding fees and view important swim school resources. You will have access to the parent portal from September 2021.

The majority of teachers remain, which is a fantastic outcome for the program and ensures your child has continuity with their lessons.

Our discount structure is slightly different to what you were used to.  Below is a link to the discounts that will be applicable to your lessons. Click here for more information about our class discounts

From Term 4 students will have the opportunity for students to come and practice their swimming skills outside of their scheduled lesson time. Upon presentation of the BlueFit Swimming entry card, children can enter the facility with a full fee paying adult.
Children under 6 years of age: A parent or guardian is free with the child, the parent MUST be in the water with the child.
Children from 6 years of age: A parent or guardian pay entry and MUST be in the centre with the child (they can be a spectator).

No, everything remains the same. Upon arrival, have your card scanned at reception. We will swap your old access card over to a BlueFit Swimming card through July. Once you have scanned in you will be given a coloured token. Before your child enters the lesson, they can then place the token in the corresponding box in front of your lesson area. In the first few weeks this will be the same area you are used to, however this may change as we have access to more of the pool. Lane maps will be available at reception. Students are required to have a guardian with them to enter the facility.


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150 Tulip Street, Cheltenham, VIC

Tel: 9584 3777