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BlueFit Swimming

Are you after a fun activity for your children to get involved in, or a way to boost your own fitness and confidence in the water? BlueFit swim school is now open at Lakelands, offering lessons to people of all ages and abilities.

The BlueFit Learn to Swim program at Lakelands is specifically designed for children, with experienced and friendly swimming instructors guiding your child through their journey. 


$22.00per lesson - $44.00 per fortnight

  1. Free access to the aquatic centre outside of lessons
  2. Make up lessons available
  3. Generous multi child and multi lesson discount (click to view more) 


Mon 9.30am - 12:00pm, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Tues 9.00am -12.00pm, 3:30pm -6:00pm
Wed 9.00am -12.00pm, 3:30pm -5:30pm
Thurs  3.30pm -6.30pm
Fri 9.00am -12.00pm,
Sat 8am - 12:30pm

3.Our Programs

The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that cater for the hesitant beginner through to competitive swimmers.

BlueFit Swimming aims to ensure that your family develops a love of the water and Live to Swim.

More info about our programs 



49 Banksiadale Gate, Lakelands WA 6180

Tel: 1300252583