Due to low registration numbers Bluey’s Big Race Carnival has been postponed till Spring 2022. Stay tuned for details.

Join us for our annual swimming carnival and let your child show off their swimming skills!

Sunday 10th April 2022 | 2-4pm

Bluey’s Big Race Update

Thank you for registering for Bluey’s Big Race, we appreciate your interest and excitement in our event!

As borders have opened, we have received feedback that many families are finally taking the opportunity to spend the Easter school holidays away from home. Unfortunately, as a consequence, we have seen low registration numbers for our Bluey’s Big Race event.

In order to run the best possible event for families and racers, we have made the decision to postpone the event until Spring 2022. This will ensure that it will run with a bigger and better atmosphere and be a more rewarding experience for everyone.

More communication will be sent out closer to the new date. We look forward to seeing your registrations come through for the next event.

Thank you once again for your interest and patience.

Our annual swimming carnival Bluey’s Big Race is scheduled for Sunday 10th April at 2pm.

Our team is excited to welcome you all on the big day. Below are a few tips for the event and what you expect on the day.

All swimmers will need to be registered prior to March 27th 2022.
Our students will be placed into heats with other students of a similar level.
We will provide teachers in the pool for those hesitant swimmers that need a little extra encouragement.
All races will start from in the water, we will not be starting from the diving blocks.
All participants will receive a ribbon for their participation in the carnival with some events being timed.
We encourage all families to cheer and encourage all our swimmers.
All family members can watch the event for free

What to bring

  • Appropriate swimwear

  • Goggles

  • Girls will need to have their hair tied back.

  • Towel

Outdoor Sites

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

We have students arranged in heats which will be available once you attend the event.

Events for the day

  • Noodle horse race

  • Back kick

  • Dog paddle swim

  • Freestyle kick

  • Freestyle 12.5m

  • Backstroke 12.5m

  • Freestyle 25m

  • Backstroke 25m

  • Breaststroke 25m

  • Butterfly 25m

  • BlueFit Swimming teacher race

  • Presentation - ribbons

Most of all we want everyone to have fun and enjoy a fun afternoon with us.

We are excited to bring you our first Bluey’s Big Race event.

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