With many students returning to the pool this summer after two years of disruptions, Safety Week is even more important. It is critical that our families and communities are reminded of the importance of being safe and vigilant around water. BlueFit is committed to the safety of our communities and we need your help to ensure our message and skills are passed on to all children and extended families for a safer summer.

What is Safety Week?

Safety Week is upon us, and this year BlueFit Swimming are asking students to come dressed up in their pyjamas. Safety Week lessons focus on water safety skills such as floating, treading water, basic rescue techniques and more.

Why is Safety Week Important?

The Royal Life Saving annual Summer drowning report sadly recorded 90 people lost their lives to drowning in Australia between 1st December 2022 and 28th February 2023. 

As one of Australia’s largest swim school providers, we feel BlueFit has the responsibility to our communities to deliver a service that not only emphasises the importance of learning to swim, but also the skills to be safe and aware in and around water.

Safety Week provides us with the opportunity to include additional skills into the swimming program which could ultimately save a child’s life.

What you need to bring?

All preschool and school age children need to bring shorts and t-shirts to swim in during their swimming lesson.

All infants and parents or caregivers need to both bring a t-shirt to wear during swimming lessons.

This is imperative as we simulate swimming in clothing and what swimming techniques could help save your child’s life.

When is Safety Week?

Monday 20th – Sunday 26th March 2023.